Philipp Marek wrote, On 12/09/06 12:50:
On Friday 08 September 2006 20:20 Benjamin M. wrote:
Below the result.

For the seq command error... it isn't installed by default... I can
install it or do you prefer to find a workaround?
Well, of course I can almost everything substitute with perl, which I need 
anyway ...
Don't know. It's maybe easier to require perl (which everybody should have by 
now) than to use standard unix tools ... :-)

Ok... So ... For now... I will make your life easier and install it... ;-)
$ make run-tests VERBOSE=1
make -C test BINARY=/Users/benjamin/fsvs/fsvs/src/fsvs
Preparing default repository.
rm: /tmp/WAA/1d/c5/de2973b03ff84e6d1384eddb9e97//*: No such file or

An error occurred at 14:08:58.072: Invalid argument (22)
  in cs__char2md5: Illegal hex char in high nibble: x
  in ops__load_1entry: Parsing the md5 failed
  in waa__input_tree
  in waa__read_or_build_tree
  in ci__work
  in main: action commit failed
Could you send me the two files in /tmp/WAA/*/*/*/dir?
I'd like to know what fsvs wrote in them.
See attachments.
And please attach a logfile of "fsvs info -d -v /tmp/fsvs-test-*/wc"?

$ ./fsvs info -d -v /tmp/fsvs-test-*/wc
23:37:41.718 main[fsvs.c:371] no argument at optind=4 of 5
23:37:41.720 main[fsvs.c:371] no argument at optind=5 of 5
23:37:41.722 main[fsvs.c:475] LC_ALL gives en_CA.UTF-8
23:37:41.723 main[fsvs.c:482] LC_CTYPE gives en_CA.UTF-8
23:37:41.723 main[fsvs.c:493] codeset found to be UTF-8
23:37:41.724 main[fsvs.c:501] codeset: using identity
23:37:41.724 main[fsvs.c:522] optind=2 per_sts=100 action=info
23:37:41.725 main[fsvs.c:525] argument 1: info
23:37:41.725 main[fsvs.c:525] argument 2: /tmp/fsvs-test-501/wc
23:37:41.726 ign__new_pattern[ignore.c:725] getting 1 new entries - max is 0, used are 0
23:37:41.726 ign__new_pattern[ignore.c:784] new pattern INODE:917504:9:2839127
23:37:41.727 ign___init_pattern_into[ignore.c:256] pattern:  case, ignore
23:37:41.730 waa__get_waa_directory[waa.c:229] path is /Users/benjamin/fsvs/fsvs/src
23:37:41.730 waa__get_waa_directory[waa.c:282] md5 of /Users/benjamin/fsvs/fsvs/src
23:37:41.852 waa__open[waa.c:342] reading target /tmp/WAA/ba/da/4fe62e427d4e2ff6ee86623c080f/dir
No tree information available. Did you commit?
23:37:41.853 wa__summary[warnings.c:198] 0# meta-mtime: 0x
23:37:41.854 wa__summary[warnings.c:198] 1# meta-user: 0x
23:37:41.854 wa__summary[warnings.c:198] 2# meta-group: 0x
23:37:41.854 wa__summary[warnings.c:198] 3# meta-umask: 0x
23:37:41.855 wa__summary[warnings.c:198] 4# entry-not-found: 0x
23:37:41.855 wa__summary[warnings.c:198] 5# no-urllist: 0x
23:37:41.860 wa__summary[warnings.c:198] 6# charset-invalid: 0x
23:37:41.861 wa__summary[warnings.c:198] 7# overlayed-entries: 0x
23:37:41.862 wa__summary[warnings.c:198] 8# _test-warning: 1x
Thank you very much!
No problem!