I will backup my image files (jpg an raw) with fsvs. The space of this files is about 80 GB of data.
If I start the commit with "fsvs commit -m 'Initial' " I get an out of space error in my /tmp directory.
fsvs created many files in this dir with names like fsvs.0gwNu9, fsvs0m67tG an so on.
The free space on tmp is 1 GB so if I commit the image files it runs in out of sape on /tmp after 1 GB of data.
On the svnrepo server I have 200 GB free space so check in the 80 GB of data must be posible.

Now my question is there any way to prevent fsvs from creating this many tmp files. If not you nead the same amount of space on tmp to commit an data directory tree. I have noting found in the documentation or on the web about this tmp files of fsvs.

Thanke you for any help.