Hi Phil

this is the url to the repository

ros@ros-laptop:~/loop/08_JPG/08$ fsvs urls

so the connection is http and the repo is on the same system on additional volume

this are the volumes:
Dateisystem            Größe Benut  Verf Ben% Eingehängt auf
/dev/sda2              15G   14G  492M  97% /
varrun                760M  296K  760M   1% /var/run
varlock               760M     0  760M   0% /var/lock
procbususb            760M  124K  760M   1% /proc/bus/usb
udev                  760M  124K  760M   1% /dev
devshm                760M     0  760M   0% /dev/shm
lrm                   760M   35M  726M   5% /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-386/volatile
/dev/sda1              40G   33G  7,4G  82% /media/WinC
/dev/sda3              34G   29G  3,6G  89% /mnt/storage
/dev/sda6             137G  112G   19G  86% /mnt/img
/dev/sda5             4,6G  2,9G  1,5G  67% /mnt/ubuntu-test
/dev/sdb1             276G  149G  113G  57% /mnt/svnrepos
                     1022M  416M  607M  41% /home/ros/tcHome
                      100M   95M  4,8M  96% /home/ros/tcGf
/mnt/img/08_JPG.loop   49G   32G   18G  64% /home/ros/loop/08_JPG
/mnt/img/08_RAW.loop  147G   28G  119G  19% /home/ros/loop/08_RAW

/dev/sda2 is the root volume where /tmp is on
/dev/sdb1 is the volume of the svnrepos
/mn7/img/08_JPG.loop and 08_RAW.loop are volumes on sparc files where the images for the check in in to the repo

I have not setup an commit pipe.

I have also made en test with the etc tree and if i checked in the there are also this fsvs.xxxx files in the /tmp directory

Hear is an example:

This ist /tmp bevore the commit

ros@ros-laptop:/etc$ ls /tmp
gconfd-ros      mapping-ros  seahorse-5KlVeB  virtual-ros.HQlT4v
keyring-ekU022  orbit-ros    ssh-iaqqkG6541   vmware-ros

now the fsvs commit
ros@ros-laptop:/etc$ sudo fsvs commit -m "Test"
Committing to
.m..       dir  X11
.m..        31  X11/xorg.conf.whereami.backup
.m..        31  X11/xorg.conf
.m..       dir  default
.m..       500  default/racoon
.m..       dir  init.d
.mC.        47  adjtime
.m..       453  printcap
.m..       dir  racoon
.m..     98309  ld.so.cache
.mC.       990  blkid.tab
.m..       dir  fsvs
.mC.        42  fsvs/182f153bd94803955c2043e6f2581d5d/Urls
.mC.        44  fsvs/a2c5be9069aedfe3ec18e20637e0fdbb/Urls
.m..       dir  vmware
.m..       dir  vmware/vmnet7/dhcpd
.m..       595  vmware/vmnet7/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases
.m..       595  vmware/vmnet7/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases~
.m..       dir  vmware/vmnet8/dhcpd
.mC.       773  vmware/vmnet8/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases
.mC.       595  vmware/vmnet8/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases~
.m..        70  resolv.conf
.mC.      1188  mtab
.mC.       990  blkid.tab.old
committed revision      6 on 2008-09-09T07:11:39.273355Z as ros

And now the new content of /tmp
ros@ros-laptop:/etc$ ls -lh /tmp
insgesamt 60K
-rw------- 1 root root  525 2008-09-09 09:11 fsvs.4LVfqr
-rw------- 1 root root   52 2008-09-09 09:11 fsvs.8olHN7
-rw------- 1 root root  559 2008-09-09 09:11 fsvs.BQREqW
-rw------- 1 root root  661 2008-09-09 09:11 fsvs.EcFvXL
-rw------- 1 root root   54 2008-09-09 09:11 fsvs.fJheoh
-rw------- 1 root root  556 2008-09-09 09:11 fsvs.JwJGrY
-rw------- 1 root root  492 2008-09-09 09:11 fsvs.r1ojxB
-rw------- 1 root root   48 2008-09-09 09:11 fsvs.UAdogP
drwx------ 3 ros  ros  4,0K 2008-09-09 08:56 gconfd-ros
drwx------ 2 ros  ros  4,0K 2008-09-09 08:56 keyring-ekU022
srwxr-xr-x 1 ros  ros     0 2008-09-09 08:57 mapping-ros
drwx------ 2 ros  ros  4,0K 2008-09-09 08:59 orbit-ros
drwx------ 2 ros  ros  4,0K 2008-09-09 08:56 seahorse-5KlVeB
drwx------ 2 ros  ros  4,0K 2008-09-09 08:56 ssh-iaqqkG6541
drwx------ 2 ros  ros  4,0K 2008-09-09 08:57 virtual-ros.HQlT4v
drwx------ 2 ros  ros  4,0K 2008-09-09 08:58 vmware-ros

This fsvs.xxx files ar notw very big and in this case no problem but why did this files exist after the program is finished? And in the picture dir this files are many more and the size of the files are bigger.

I have installed fsvs version /fsvs/tags/fsvs-1.1.16 from svn an local compiled on an ubuntu 7.10

If you nead more information from log's or the configuration of the system. Please aske I will provide this for you. Thanke you for your help.

With regards


Am Dienstag, den 09.09.2008, 08:58 +0200 schrieb Philipp Marek:
Hello Roland!

> I will backup my image files (jpg an raw) with fsvs. The space of this
> files is about 80 GB of data.
> If I start the commit with "fsvs commit -m 'Initial' " I get an out of
> space error in my /tmp directory.
> fsvs created many files in this dir with names like fsvs.0gwNu9,
> fsvs0m67tG an so on.
That's strange.

> The free space on tmp is 1 GB so if I commit the image files it runs in
> out of sape on /tmp after 1 GB of data.
> On the svnrepo server I have 200 GB free space so check in the 80 GB of
> data must be posible.
Yes, it should work.

> Now my question is there any way to prevent fsvs from creating this many
> tmp files. If not you nead the same amount of space on tmp to commit an
> data directory tree. I have noting found in the documentation or on the
> web about this tmp files of fsvs.
What kind of repository connection do you use? http, https, svn+ssh, file?

Do you have an commit-pipe set for your pictures? I wouldn't think so, but to be on the
safe side I'm asking.