Philipp Marek wrote, On 04/03/07 13:32:
On Sunday 04 March 2007 18:38 Philipp Marek wrote:
I'll take a look.
Sorry to bother you again - I put some more logging into the test.

You don't bother me at all!
It's no hurry, I think I've found some cause - I just have to locate the exact 
spot and fix there.
But if it's not too much work please update, test + mail - so I can verify my 
local diagnosis with the problems you see

Here more observations (1.0.17):

- I don't know if it is by design or a bug but if I commit when no modification has happened (no file / property change transmitted) fsvs creates empty revisions (the repository revision number is increased). An option to prevent empty revision would be nice (or if the default becomes "no revision if no change"... an option to force an empty revision... which makes sense if you want to keep a log for each commit (log for automated backup...).

- fsvs diff /path/... returns the same date for remote and local revisions.
     --- ./path/...   Rev. 42         (Sun Feb 25 19:52:55 2007)
    +++ ./path/...   Local version   (Sun Feb 25 19:52:55 2007)

- I think "fsvs [arg]" should behave as "fsvs [arg] ." - the default directory should be the current directory (.) not the working copy root.

- Enhancement: "fsvs diff" à la svn (recursive)