Hello FSVS devs&users,

for a long time Ive been using svn for my /etc and some /home/dot* directories.
I first picked up this idea from a linux geek somewhere during a IRC chat and
I immediatelly tried it out, until now. That is why FSVS is actually a super cool
project in my opinion, since it can be extremely usefull, if the users care about it.

However, on the home page (http://fsvs.tigris.org/) under "What it needs to run", point 4 (20070307 15:31 GMT+0) it says:

- a linux machine (although it already compiles on MacOS and FreeBSD - soon it should fully work there, too), ...

I would like to know more about the specific issues on FreeBSD before trying that out. What I have done so far is downloaded the sources and searched with grep -i -H for "freebsd" under the the complete doc/ directory with no single match. When I search for "freebsd" on the homepage's "this project" search, then there are these two results:


None of above mentioned ways describe further, why fsvs is comiling, but not fully working.

What exactly is not working, when you say not fully?

Please give me more Information about the FreeBSD problems at the current state of development.