Philipp Marek wrote, On 10/03/07 02:35:
On Friday 09 March 2007 23:03 Benjamin M. wrote:
Is it just this file, or the amount of data? Please try committing parts
- other directories, and try to keep this file for a single commit, so
that at least this question gets answered.

Is that some critical file? It seems to happen just at the beginning.
Maybe changing a single byte at the start would change something ...
I will investigate... but so far ...  good news... a sync-repos seems to
have fixed the problem... go figure...
And the next commit would have committed that file???

Is there a chance of bad memory, or something like that?
A sync-repos should make no difference ...
I spoke too quickly...  even after a sync-repos I was getting bus errors IF changes happened between the sync-repos and the status...

fsvs status -C -C
    [bus error]
fsvs sync-repos
fsvs status -C -C
    [no bus error]
    [some changes to files...]
fsvs status -C -C
    [bus error]

... BUT I think I've found the root cause of the problem: the WAA directory. After creating a new WAA directory the bus error went away. If I use the old WAA the bus error returns.

So probably WAA corruption... If you want more info about the possible cause... just let me know how I can provide you that...