Did the "urls load" and "sync-repos" parts of your suggestion.
My Subversion server is pretty current (1.4.3) - the clients are not so current:  This one is 1.3.1.

Different ...

root@james# /home/mjh/fsvs-1.1.0/src/fsvs commit -m "Backup 20070321"
14:59:31.629 waa__find_common_base[waa.c:1848] INTERNAL BUG
  len == 0
  Paths not even equal in separator - they have nothing in common!
Segmentation fault


Ph. Marek wrote:
Hello Mark!

Well, I waited for too long I guess:

I get this for a commit with the original config, and even with an
attempt (as here) to tell it where the target repository URL is:

root@james# fsvs urls
An error occurred: Invalid argument (22)
  in url__load_list: Cannot parse urllist line
FSVS (licensed under the GPLv2), (C) by Ph. Marek; version fsvs-1.1.0:677

Any recommendations gratefully received !
Well, with 1.0.17 I changed the URL format.

And with 1.1.0 multiple urls are allowed - so it doesn't clear the URL
list on "fsvs urls".
My suggestion:
   echo "<url>" | fsvs urls load

This is guaranteed to *not* load the old list.
If you didn't update for some time, a sync-repos might be necessary, too.

Perhaps you should take the current svn version - it has some things fixed.