Yes - 1.1.0.  If I can find the svn URL for the fsvs source, I'll pull the trunk tip and try that out.



Philipp Marek wrote:
Hi Mark!

On Wednesday 21 March 2007 16:07 Mark J Hewitt wrote:
Did the "urls load" and "sync-repos" parts of your suggestion.
My Subversion server is pretty current (1.4.3) - the clients are not so
current:  This one is 1.3.1.

Different ...

root@james# /home/mjh/fsvs-1.1.0/src/fsvs commit -m "Backup 20070321"
14:59:31.629 waa__find_common_base[waa.c:1848] INTERNAL BUG
  len == 0
  Paths not even equal in separator - they have nothing in common!
Segmentation fault
Is that a 1.1.0? If so, then this bug should be fixed in trunk.
If it ain't, please do this command with -d and send me the output.

I'll do a 1.1.1 in the next 1-3 weeks.