I’m trying to do an initial commit from root.  To break the commits up into smaller chunks, I’ve been committing by directory, e.g. /etc, /home, …  I got to /var and I received the following error

An error occurred: Name does not refer to a filesystem directory (160016)

  in ci__nondir: svn_txdelta_send_stream: Path 'var/run' not present


Here is a listing of /var/run

root@pb:/# ls /var/run

acpid.socket            dhcdbd.pid         pppconfig

atd.pid                 dhclient.eth1.pid  screen

avahi-daemon            gdm.pid            sdp

bluetoothd_address      gdm_socket         sudo

console                 hal                syslogd.pid

console-kit-daemon.pid  hotkey-setup       system-tools-backends.pid

crond.pid               klogd              utmp

crond.reboot            motd               wpa_supplicant3

cups                    network            wpa_supplicant-global3

dbus                    NetworkManager


All the other commits worked fine.  Any ideas?