Hi all

I am trying to port fsvs to openwrt as they have all the other prerequisites available for fsvs and new routers are capable of adding storage devices. I am currently working on a soekris platform for this (x86 based systems).

I spend the whole weekend trying to compile version 1.1.17 on it and apparently it fails due to the fact that there are references to libdirs and inc dirs hardcoded in the configure script.

I am not a programmer and are only making my first steps in porting packages, so figuring out the configure script was quite a journey. I found LIBDIRS= /usr/local/lib in the configure script. Maybe somone could help me out by explaining me how this can be changed so fsvs is not having hardcoded links in the configure.

I am working on 1.1.17 as 1.2.2 fails on stating it has an invalid valgrind (another flacky journey ahead :D).

So any help is appreciate. Of course I will be sharing these binaries once they are properly compiling.


best regards