Hi Phil,


Two fsvs working trees which I have previously had no problems with now no longer respond to fsvs info, status etc.. I get the message “couldn’t fine working copy with matching base”.


What might be the cause of this ? Would sync-repos fix the problem ?


I have examined the working trees, the FSVS CONF and WAA areas for each case and don’t see any changes of any kind to the files and directories since the last successful commit. In each case, there is a _base link below FSVS_CONF which is still correct.


The only thing I can think of that has changed since things were last working is the automounter.


I notice now that if I follow the _base link under CONF to the working area tree, which is in an automounted folder, then do “pwd” I get $FSVS_CONF/.../_base. I am not sure if this is new behavior since the AMD change. I am not sure if this different than it was before the automounter change. The link is valid in the sense that cd works, expected files are seen etc.


Many thanks for any light you can shed on this!



Hugh Miller