Philipp Marek wrote, On 29/08/06 12:15:
On Tuesday 29 August 2006 18:10 Benjamin M. wrote:
Philipp Marek wrote, On 29/08/06 11:06:
Did you re-configure? Or, to be more precise, run autoconf and
then ./configure?
Yep. Even tried from a fresh co...

If so, please post your config.h.
$ cat config.h
/* #undef HAVE_O_DIRECTORY */
Without HAVE_O_DIRECTORY you should never get HAVE_GETDENTS64 in direnum.c, 
and without that your installation should be using opendir() instead of 
open() ...

But now I saw that your second message told this error from waa.c, not from 
direnum.c ...

What does your fchdir() man page say? Is it sufficient to open() a directory 
(without O_DIRECTORY) to do a fchdir() later, or what must be done?
The man pages for Darwin are online here: