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FSVS as a kind of "Archive Storage Engine"

Author benjaminm
Full name Benjamin M.
Date 2009-02-10 21:33:22 PST
Message Phil,

Do you think it could be possible to add the following feature to FSVS:

I have a directory where only the more recent log files are kept (ex:
last 5).

$ ls

Here an example of how it could work:

$ fsvs commit-archive
N 20090201.log
N 20090202.log
N 20090203.log
N 20090204.log
N 20090205.log

$ ls
                         <--- 20090201.log was deleted...
20090205.log <--- 20090205.log was modified...
20090206.log <--- 20090206.log was created...

$ fsvs commit-archive
C 20090205.log
N 20090206.log

$ svn st file:///repository
     20090201.log <--- 20090201.log is still available ...

So, the more recent revision would give access to the last version of
all files ever committed (if commit-archive was always used obviously)
no matter if the file was present in the working copy or not when the
more recent commit was done. "commit-archive" would in fact prevent any
file to be marked as "deleted" at the repository level.


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FSVS as a kind of "Archive Storage Engine" benjaminm Benjamin M. 2009-02-10 21:33:22 PST
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