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bugreport: fsvs diff

Author Nast <vitaliy at gkh-kemerovo dot ru>
Full name Nast <vitaliy at gkh-kemerovo dot ru>
Date 2008-05-22 22:45:26 PDT
Message Hello, dev at fsvs dot tigris dot org

I'd like to inform you about bug in fsvs (FSVS (licensed under the GPLv3), (C)
by Ph. Marek; version fsvs-1.1.14:1496)
under Debian Linux 4.0 (etch)

This bug appears when I try to get differense between 2 revisions:

First I create new repository
#svnadmin create /mnt/1/repository2

I want to commit directory /tmp/1 into repository
#cd /tmp/1

#ls -all
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 16 May 23 13:17 somefile
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 May 23 13:18 symlink_to_somefile -> ./somefile
As you can see this dir contains 2 files, file 'somefile' and symlink to this

#fsvs urls file:///mnt/1/repository2

Try to commit:
#fsvs commit -m 'first' /tmp/1
Committing to file:///mnt/1/repository2
N... 16 /tmp/1/somefile
N... 10 /tmp/1/symlink_to_somefile
committed revision 1 on 2008-05-23T05:24:32.185924Z as root
committed success

And now I try to commit this dir again (I did not make any changes in /tmp/1),
#fsvs commit -m 'first' /tmp/1
Committing to file:///mnt/1/repository2
committed revision 2 on 2008-05-23T05:26:55.112246Z as root---
committed successefully again

and now time to show you the bug:
#fsvs diff -v -r1:2 .
diff -u somefile.r1 somefile.r2

An error occurred: File exists (17)
  in up__handle_special: symlink(./somefile, ./symlink_to_somefile.XXXXXX)
01:28:19 root@sip:1# fsvs diff -v -r1:2
diff -u somefile.r1 somefile.r2
-Mode: 0644
+Mode: 0600
-MTime: Fri May 23 13:17:51 2008
+MTime: Fri May 23 13:28:33 2008
 Owner: 0 (root)
 Group: 0 (root)

An error occurred at 13:28:33.283: File exists (17)
  in up__handle_special: symlink(./somefile, ./symlink_to_somefile.XXXXXX)
  in rev__get_file
  in df__do_diff
  in df__action
  in ac__dispatch
  in waa__update_tree
  in waa__partial_update
  in waa__read_or_build_tree
  in df__work: No working copy base found?
  in main: action diff failed

This error occurs every time I try to merge 2 revisions in repository which
contain symlinks to any files. As far as I understand command diff -rN:N+M
can't work with symlinks. When I try to make diff using something like

#fsvs diff -v -r1 .
diff -u ./somefile.r1 ./somefile.local
-Mode: 0600
+Mode: 0644
-MTime: Fri May 23 13:34:20 2008
+MTime: Fri May 23 13:17:51 2008
 Owner: 0 (root)
 Group: 0 (root)
diff -u ./symlink_to_somefile.r1 ./symlink_to_somefile.local
 Mode: 0777
 MTime: Fri May 23 13:18:12 2008
 Owner: 0 (root)
 Group: 0 (root)
so, when I choose only one revision I get no any errors.

I hope my message will help you to resolve this bug. If you need any other
information, mail me at vitaliy at gkh-kemerovo dot ru

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