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saving auth credentials

Author tekknokrat
Full name Gunnar Thielebein
Date 2008-08-21 02:32:08 PDT
Message Hi Phi,

For our convenience I moved this topic to dev.

I digged a little in svn hacking and when looking the functions
svn_config_get_config and preparing auth_baton it seems all correct to
me when comparing with e.g. svn client.

 From my gross understanding is that dir ~/.subversion is already taken
for credentials. There is only a problem in creating the initial
directory structure if its missing and saving the auth file with the
credentials. This should be done automagically via svn_cmd_setup_auth_baton.

When you say try a meaningful cfg value, what do you mean with that?
I can't find another way getting cfg_hash. Could you shed some light on it?


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saving auth credentials tekknokrat Gunnar Thielebein 2008-08-21 02:32:08 PDT
     Re: saving auth credentials pmarek P.Marek 2008-08-21 08:53:40 PDT
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