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Re: FSVS : automake integration, and debian package generation

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2006-06-03 13:58:30 PDT
Message (I'm cc'ing dev@ because it might be of interest to others)

On Saturday 03 June 2006 12:50 you wrote:
> What about version number ?
> I understand nothing about what your Makefile do.
> Where is the version number ?
> Can I put it into source code (in configure.ca for example ?)
Because I'm using svn (and svk) for version control.
If you take a look at
you see how the version number gets into Makefile.in; from the HEADURL and
HEADREV I use a small perl-one-liner to calculate the version number.
If it's a regular release, it will be named something like
tags/fsvs-{version}; else I just report fsvs-{source revision number} as

> Why the benchmark directory is /usr/share/doc ?
Because it contains 30000 files (on my system), no devices (so a normal user
can re-create it somewhere else), and is readable for all.

That is needed only for developers - people using a binary won't benefit from
that. (There'll be some of this kind - I'll mark them DEV)

> What is the goal of diffstat, count, and revcount target ?
diffstat counts the currently changed lines against the last checkin. Please
remove it, it's no longer in use.

count counts the absolute lines of fsvs, and the non-empty lines. Just
statistics for the web-page. Please keep it. DEV

revcount is unused. Please remove.

> Other information : I'm not a specialist of automake autoconf debian
> packaging. Maybe my solution are not optimal :-(
My work with autoconf has now been about 10 hours - so I'm not an expert here,

Thank you very much for your efforts!



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Re: FSVS : automake integration, and debian package generation pmarek P.Marek 2006-06-03 13:58:30 PDT
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