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"fsvs cat" ...

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2007-07-25 07:39:22 PDT
Message In case anyone's interested in implementing this ...
I'd suggest splitting rev__get_file() in two - in a part that fetches the
decoder (if needed) and writes the decoded output to a svn_stream_t, and the
rest just calling this part.

Then it's just a small matter of making a new command "cat", which uses this
function in the worker function ...

In case more than a single file is given it might make sense to offer several
alternatives (via options):
- just pipe, as is, concatenated
- MIME-separated
- in some kind of tar format? so that they can be piped to another location,
  and re-separated there again? Probably too much work.
- Write them to files in another location? But that's export ...

BTW, I think export doesn't take the decode filter yet ...

If someone's interested, please reply with a short answer ... so that it isn't
done twice.



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"fsvs cat" ... pmarek P.Marek 2007-07-25 07:39:22 PDT
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