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Configuration files

Author benjaminm
Full name Benjamin M.
Date 2007-09-09 13:37:51 PDT
Message Hi Phil,

Since I don't have any bug to report... here some thoughts about the
configuration files handling...

I want to be able to use completely distinct paths for |FSVS_CONF| /
|FSVS_WAA |based on the directory I'm in. For example, here my different
projects root directories and associated CONF / WAA paths :

/home/project-a (|FSVS_CONF=|/usr/lo​cal/var/fsvs/project​-a/conf ||
/home/project-b (|FSVS_CONF=|/usr/lo​cal/var/fsvs/project​-b/conf ||
/home/project-c (|FSVS_CONF=|/usr/lo​cal/var/fsvs/project​-c/conf ||

I think that one possibility could be to add in the priority order

    * command line //(highest)
    * environment variables. These are named as |FSVS_/{uppercase option
    * $PWD/.fsvs/config <================== NEW ONE !!!!
    * |$HOME/|.fsvs/wc-dir/Config
    * |$FSVS_CONF/wc-dir/Config|
    * |$HOME/|.fsvs/config
    * |$FSVS_CONF/config|

if I understand right your config schema
... I would have to have in ./.fsvs/config:

So, simply by cd'ing into the project's root directory (for example:
/home/project-a), I would get the right configuration loaded
(/home/project-a/.fsvs/config) and the right paths
(|FSVS_CONF=|/usr/lo​cal/var/fsvs/project​-a/conf ||

That would save me lot of time, since I have to change a lot between
different projects and tracking configuration (or more exactly... not
making error) is becoming rapidly a nightmare...

Does it make sense?


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