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Re: progress of migration script

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2009-06-03 23:13:40 PDT
Message Hello Gunnar!

> Progress of migration script just stalls because of my businness.
> At the moment it seems this to be a blocker to the fsvs-1.1.20 release.
> Therefore I am looking for some help - best someone with some more
> python experiences than me who can solve the glitches.
> Welcome are also people testing the different steps of the script and
> kick my ass ;-)
Just this morning I changed the direction a bit ... Most of the conversion will be
avoided and some things done in FSVS itself, as the next version will _only_ be a

There's only a small bit left to be done in a script - rewriting the ignore lists
(changing the text format), and calling things like "fsvs urls dump | fsvs urls load" to
re-write the lists.
Should be a few lines of perl or python.

Any volunteers for that?

1.2.0 will (AFAIK ATM ;-) have full mixed-working-copy abilities, so that using multiple
URLs from multiple working copies (especially committing!) should *really* work; and,
for compatibilities' sake (with subversion), it will (need to) use a SQLite database.

I'm already half-way there, so the release should happen in this decade.

(Sorry if SQLite gives someone extra troubles; but I need to fetch all entries from a
given URL, and all URLs from a given entry, and doing that with two synchronized on-disk
hashes is much more work than simply using an SQL engine.
There are some other things that'll be put there sooner or later - eg. the properties,
to reduce the number of on-disk files that FSVS uses.)



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