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svn commit: r1558 - trunk: . fsvs/tests

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2008-03-18 23:42:51 PDT
Message Author: pmarek
Date: 2008-03-18 23:42:51-0700
New Revision: 1558

   trunk/ (props changed)

Change BIN to BINq

Modified: trunk/fsvs/tests/015_sync_repos
Url: http://fsvs.tigris.o​rg/source/browse/fsv​s/trunk/fsvs/tests/0​15_sync_repos?view=d​iff&rev=1558​&p1=trunk/fsvs/tests​/015_sync_repos&​p2=trunk/fsvs/tests/​015_sync_repos&r​1=1557&r2=1558
--- trunk/fsvs/tests/015_sync_repos (original)
+++ trunk/fsvs/tests/015_sync_repos 2008-03-18 23:42:51-0700
@@ -39,14 +39,14 @@
 # re-set the URL, so that we start empty.
 echo $REPURL | $BINq urls load
-$BIN up -r $REV
+$BINq up -r $REV
 ls -lad tree/b
 cp -a $dir_path $TMP_UP-ORIG
 copy_dir < $dir_path > $TMP_UP
 up_md5=`md5sum < $TMP_UP`
 echo "step 2: update from already-up-to-date."
-$BIN up -r $REV
+$BINq up -r $REV
 cp -a $dir_path $TMP_UP-ORIG2
 copy_dir < $dir_path > $TMP_UP0
 up0_md5=`md5sum < $TMP_UP0`
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@
 # Do the sync at last, so that a correct list is left
 # for other tests.
 rm $dir_path
-$BIN sync-repos -r $REV
+$BINq sync-repos -r $REV
 # As the RF_CHECK flag is set, we need to normalize:
 # - Header is taken unchanged
 # - Keep the whitespace separator, to get the line as identical as possible.
@@ -102,27 +102,27 @@
 # Update to HEAD
-$BIN up
+$BINq up
 # Now go down, sync with older revision, and go up again
-$BIN up -r $REV
-$BIN sync-repos -r $REV
-$BIN up -r HEAD
+$BINq up -r $REV
+$BINq sync-repos -r $REV
+$BINq up -r HEAD
 $INFO "Updating entries without meta-data"
 # Now do some other entries *without* the meta-data properties, and look.
 # We have to get rid of special devices ... svn would bail out.
 find . -not -type f -and -not -type d -exec rm {} \;
-$BIN ci -m "no more special nodes"
+$BINq ci -m "no more special nodes"
 svn import --no-ignore --no-auto-props -m no-meta . $REPURL/no-meta > /dev/null
 # We'd like to fake some device entry; but that's not easily possible, as
 # there's no "svn propset URL" currently.
-$BIN up
+$BINq up
 if [[ `$BINdflt st | wc -l` -eq 0 ]]
     $SUCCESS "No status output after meta-data less update"

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svn commit: r1558 - trunk: . fsvs/tests pmarek P.Marek 2008-03-18 23:42:51 PDT
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