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[ANNOUNCE] FSVS 1.0.12 released

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2006-08-16 03:17:55 PDT
Message Hello everybody!

I managed to release a 1.0.12.

It has a lot of changes, mostly bug fixes:
- The handling of file closes has been cleaned up a bit.
  Entries would have been reported as changed, although they weren't.
        (Only a display problem - in the repository the data was ok.)
- The inline help system was rewritten. "fsvs help" now reports all
  commands, and "fsvs help [command]" gives more detailed help.
- Bug in path2spool fixed.
- "fsvs add" didn't work for uncommitted working copies. Now it does.
- Compatibility fixes, to get fsvs to compile on other UNIXes than linux.
- On commit fsvs asked for a commit text, to stop afterwards because no
  URL was defined. Fixed.
- Now a "./" at the start of "fsvs add" or "fsvs unversion" parameters
  does what is wanted. (But paths not fully normalized yet, so ./.././
  may not work.)
- Fixed a bug, where a directory with new entries wouldn't get marked as
  changed. Thank you, Ben.
- Another bug fixed. When a freed entry (because of ignores) was used by
  another entry, and the full-path-cache pointed to exactly that entry,
  the wrong path was returned. Thanks go to Brett Neumeier.

It's available at the usual locations (soon on freshmeat
http://freshmeat.net​/projects/fsvs/, now here

Some documentation and an overview about fsvs' services can be found on
the project site http://fsvs.tigris.org/.

If you have questions, problems or bugs to report, don't hesitate to write
to the mailing lists.



Versioning your /etc, /home or even your whole installation?
             Try fsvs (fsvs.tigris.org)!

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[ANNOUNCE] FSVS 1.0.12 released pmarek P.Marek 2006-08-16 03:17:55 PDT
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