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[ANNOUNCE] FSVS 1.1.17 released

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2008-10-29 05:39:31 PDT
Message Hello everybody,

it's finally time to announce a new version.

There have been a lot of internal changes (again); and that did take most
of the time, because I had to shatter many hours of thinking into many
small half-hour pieces, and that means a lot of wasted time.

I hope to put the next version out sooner; it should have more user-visible
(and fewer internal) changes.
And that's already the keyword - the next version will feature some
incompatibilities, and will duly be noted 1.2.0, or even 2.0. Time (and the
next release announcement) will tell.

Well, back to more mundane matters - what did change since 1.1.16?

There are some additional features:
- New "uncopy" command, to disambiguate "revert" on copied and changed
  entries. Manually added or "prop-set" entries are kept known.
- New option "all_removed", to trim the output for deleted hierarchies.
- New option "config_dir", important for https connections with client
  certificate authentication.
- New command "delay", for use in scripts.
- New command "rel-ignore"; this converts the given ($PWD-local) shell
  patterns to working copy root relative.
- New "fsvs cat" command, to fetch really pristine copies from the
- A new flag for ignore patterns, for matching directories only.
- And a way for ignore patterns to match the entries' mode; so eg.
  world-unreadable files can easily be ignored.

The most important fixes are:
- Bugfix for filtered commit (eg. "-f text"). Previously that stored the
  current meta-data of entries that didn't match the filter in the entry
  list, too; so they wouldn't be seen as changed afterwards.
- Performance fix for "fsvs diff -rX:Y entry" - don't diff the whole
  working copy, only the given entries.
- "diff" showed for replaced entries "only in rX" - fixed.
- Bugfix for "dir_sort" option; the root directory wasn't printed.
- Bugfixes for memory and file leaks in /tmp.

Regarding documentation and directly user-visible changes there are - Some
documentation fixes, and repairs for the man pages. There's now a bit more
included in the source distribution, too.
- Started a "tips & tricks" document.
- User-readable error on non-writeable $FSVS_CONF.
- The option "dir_sort" now uses strcoll(), ie. sorts according to the
  current locale.
- "fsvs info" for the working copy root now prints the revision of the
  highest priority URL, and not "0".
Not directly related to FSVS, but maybe of interest for users: there's
a new web site "http://doc.fsvs-software.org", which has the (generated)
documentation available as normal files on a web server - and doesn't use
the (slow) "checkout" hierarchy of fsvs.tigris.org.

Last, but not least, I did some small enhancements that should make life
easier for some corner-cases:
- Export some environment variables for use in diff, commit- and
- Splitted "-C" into finer grained option settings "-o change_check".
  Changed the default to use MD5 on possibly-changed files.
- FSVS now shows "maybe changed" for unreadable files or directories;
  should we throw a warning?
- Some directory mtime handling fixes.
- Another try to detect invalid "colordiff" program names, and a better
  message than a simple "EPIPE".

I'd like to say "thank you" for the users that reported problems; in
(arbitrarily alphabetic order) Maurice, Plamen, and Thomas.
            *** Thank you! ***

You can get it on the usual place: http://freshmeat.net​/projects/fsvs/;
some distributions will have packages for you.
every kind of feedback is highly appreciated, be it bug reports, questions,
ideas or even patches; please send it to the users@- or the dev@- mailing
list, as appropriate.

If you create packages for $DISTRIBUTION (and want to share them), please
tell me (and possibly the users-list), so that I can put the links on the
download page.
  [ BTW, if you provide some easy way to use FSVS for eg. /etc, you might
    want to take a look at the example tree in the source distribution. ]

To avoid angry (or curious) questions, I'll add what I'd like to see in the
next version - and why that'll make FSVS incompatible with 1.1.x (and
1.0.x, of course).
- The WAA and CONF layout will change a bit:
  - The URL list will move to the WAA.
  - The filename hashing may currently produce collisions, if you're using
    nested working copies.
- I'm planning to enhance the (current) ignore patterns to "groupings",
  which would also serve to provide svn's "auto-props" feature.
  Then world-unreadable entries can be ignored, or can be sent encrypted
  to the repository.
  That'll (possibly) mean a bit of change in the way ignore patterns are
  stored in $FSVS_CONF; maybe I can do that compatible.

Then there are lots of other features I'd like to implement - but I think
that these would be enough for a new version.



-- Versioning your /etc, /home or even your whole installation?
            Try fsvs (fsvs.tigris.org)!
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