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[Issue 8] Some suggestions for multiple urls use

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2010-01-04 14:43:59 PST
Message http://fsvs.tigris.o​rg/issues/show_bug.c​gi?id=8

User pmarek changed the following:

                What |Old value |New value
                  Status|NEW |RESOLVED
              Resolution| |FIXED

------- Additional comments from pmarek at tigris dot org Mon Jan 4 14:43:59 -0800 2010 -------
The first is done, see the "-o verbose=" switch; and the second should work,

[Issue 8] New - Some suggestions for multiple urls use

Author farzy
Full name Farzad FARID
Date 2008-11-18 08:50:12 PST
Message http://fsvs.tigris.o​rg/issues/show_bug.c​gi?id=8
                 Issue #|8
                 Summary|Some suggestions for multiple urls use
       Status whiteboard|
              Issue type|ENHANCEMENT
            Subcomponent|user interface
             Assigned to|pmarek
             Reported by|farzy

------- Additional comments from farzy at tigris dot org Tue Nov 18 08:50:12 -0800 2008 -------
Hi, I have already discussed this on the mailing list, I open this issue for

- Add and option to "fsvs status" to show the URL a file belongs to
- Make "fsvs commit" find the right URL(s) by itself, when commiting multiple
files belonging to multiple repositories.
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