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Re: links broken too docu

Author tekknokrat
Full name Gunnar Thielebein
Date 2008-11-30 09:49:55 PST
Message Hi Phil,

> Hello Gunnar!
> > I know its hard work to satisfy every user request. I hope this release
> > is a step closer to close the small gaps.
> > For me this is the .subversion folder creation using native fsvs.
> > Currently I still go with the password patches which allow me too use a
> > static password.
> You'd like to use SSL certificate authentication, right?
> Is your problem that FSVS should provide some example files (for /etc/fsvs//auth//), so
> that only the certificate would have to be dropped somewhere?
The ssl support was working fine with 1.1.16. But there where problem
when using 1..1.17. I will look into that issue asap.
The issue that I described in my last post is that we use anonymous
login on our servers so no user credentials are used only ssl-client-key
auth suffice.
Usernames are only neccessary for monitoring author of checkins.
So there was a problem that fsvs couldnt create the directory
~/.subversion on http-auth by itself but only uses the created from svn
when "svn ls <repo>" is used. This is what we wanted to avoid because we
dont want a bloat subversion installation on every server.
Thats why I created a patch for password option see attachment.
I have a working servers file and can post that if you want for

> > On last check at http://fsvs.tigris.org I saw that a lot of links to
> > documentation got lost.
> > Is this because of major upgrade of tigris page? IMO a lot of (new)
> > users would profit from getting access to documentation.
> Thank you very much; after the last conversion of fsvs-software.org I forgot to change
> the tigris page.
> > I am just playing with the new directory ignore feature which when I
> > understand correctly has a big use for /etc/fsvs because I can specify
> > explicit files to monitor but not the
> > fsvs folder itself, is that right?
> Sorry, I don't understand you here. Could you elaborate?
The changelog of 1.1.17 says:

> - A new flag for ignore patterns, for matching directories only.
In my opinion this will help excluding specific directories which
otherwise will get monitored when timestamp changes, no time to test
that atm.
E.g. when you add /etc/fsvs/config to fsvs-monitored files the folder
/etc/fsvs shows changed on every operation of fsvs because of updates in
/etc/fsvs/6666cd76f9​6956469e7be39d750cc7​d9/ . I want fsvs only monitors
the changes of /etc/fsvs/config and not its parent folder.
> > We just recognized a blocking behaviour on debian/ubuntu systems related
> > to base-files package upgrade.
> > The package uses find to check the /etc folder for symlinks (dont know
> > the exact reason,yet) and loops through the fsvs folder, crying when
> > finding a already checked symlink in /etc/fsvs folder.
> ...
> > quick workaround:
> >> mv /etc/fsvs ~/
> >> apt-get install base-files
> >> mv ~/fsvs //etc//
> > better workaround:
> Hmmm ... that's strange.
> The only idea I have is to remove the (informational) link.
Can you explain what you mean with informational link?
I will also file a bug to launchpad about that issue, it was just now
only ubuntu's base-package which throws this error.
> Thank you very much!
> Regards,
> Phil
Thanks for taking time into that!

Best Regards,

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