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svn checkout (fsvs) repository and cdev file type

Author mmm4m5m
Full name Mmm Mmm
Date 2009-03-03 11:50:57 PST
Message Hi,

I try to use svn working copy (svn checkout of fsvs repository) for
testing with regular svn tools (svn clients, svn statistical tools,
etc). I notice two problems:

1) '.svn' directories (or files) are problem for 'svn checkout'. For
example, I had such directories in /home/.../firefox/..​./extensions.
Looks like some of firefox extensions were packaged together with .svn

2) cdev file type - please tell me what does it mean. Is it ok?

# svn cat file://.../trunk/lib​/udev/devices/stdout​@150
link /proc/self/fd/1
# svn cat file://.../trunk/lib​/udev/devices/stdin@​150
link /proc/self/fd/0
# svn cat file://.../trunk/lib​/udev/devices/stderr​@150
link /proc/self/fd/2

# svn cat file://.../trunk/lib​/udev/devices/consol​e@150
cdev 0x5:0x1

# svn -r 150 checkout file://.../trunk/lib/udev
A udev/cdrom_id
A udev/ata_id
A udev/pcmcia-socket-startup
A udev/devices
A udev/devices/ppp
A udev/devices/sndstat
A udev/devices/stdin
A udev/devices/console
A udev/devices/stdout
A udev/devices/stderr
A udev/devices/net
A udev/devices/net/tun
svn: In directory 'udev/devices/net'
svn: 'udev/devices/net/.s​vn/tmp/text-base/tun​.svn-base' has unsupported
special file type 'cdev'

Thank you,

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