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fsvs configuration bug

Author tekknokrat
Full name Gunnar Thielebein
Date 2008-04-16 09:34:34 PDT
Message Hi,

I am trying to configure fsvs to manage the configuration of several servers
in our company.

We have choosen / as configuration path. We are using exactly one url and
exactly one ignore list.

The ignore list shows this way:


the svn url is


Where we are struggling now is when doing some configuration management.
Lets say we are in /etc/apache2 and have done some changes in
sites-enable/000-default and want to perform a commit.

fsvs commit -m "changed apache2 config"

fsvs tries to look for configuration of the path which is cwd passwd as
parameter with fsvs commit and fails with

"No URLs have been defined for /etc/apache2."

Another thing is if I use

fsvs status /etc/

i get a whole list of new files because there is no ignore list used.

Is it possible to use the configuration of the last dir which is configured
with an url (in stepping the path back) and using the url that is configured
(modified with the new path)? Is it possible to do the similar with ignore
list (Trimming path from the list equivalent to position of current /param
dir) ?

Best Regards,
Gunnar Thielebein

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