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Re: [ANNOUNCE] FSVS 1.2.1 released

Author tekknokra
Full name Gunnar Thielebein
Date 2009-10-29 12:58:23 PDT
Message Hi Phil,

thanks for this new release. I am just evaluating the upgrade path from 1.1.16
to 1.2.1. Some questions about the handling:

On playing with the examples of grouping patterns i noticed a small typo:

> t,d,./var/vmail/**
> t./var/vmail/**/.*.sieve
> ./var/vmail/**

puts an error message:

> Pattern "t./var/vmail/**/.*.sieve" ends prematurely

> td./var/vmail/*
> td./var/vmail/*/*
> t./var/vmail/*/*/.*.sieve
> ./var/vmail/**

put message:

> Expected a shell pattern, starting with "./" or "/"!

Fix is to put a trailing comma after each modifier. Seems this gets default now.

Regarding introduction of groups and modifiers. Is it now possible to explicitly
discard check of the mtime of directories? I use fsvs in a cron job for
monitoring and I get notifications when someone with owner privileges open files
within directories, because this causes an update of directories mtime timestamp.

Regarding the last example:

> m:04:0
> t,./etc/
> ./**

Do I get the same behaviour with this?:

> t,m:004:004,./etc/
> ./**

I like the idea to keep the old WAA file hierarchy for now and leave the new for
advanced users with the configure option.
Regarding the transition of files to sqlite do you plan to also integrate the
_base symlinks?

I get a segfault with "fsvs unversion", bugreport is on its way...
I will then continue now with checking the functionality against ssl secured


P.Marek wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> FSVS 1.2.1 is released.
> ...
> Regards,
> Phil

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