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Re: fsvs random hangs

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2010-03-08 06:34:01 PST
Message Hello Steve!

> I am checking in data into svn (what a surprise). The repository has over 80.000 entries
> in it at this moment. I use regural svn:\\\ to check in, not svn+ssh. One machine sit
> local, the other sits in a Datacenter.
> I use an expect script to input the username and password and have put that in cron.
If you update to the current version (or the next release, which should happen Real Soon
Now (hint to Gunnar ;-)) the password store should work, in case that bothers you.

> Now here is the issues: At random it stops at
> e.g. 17600 entries done
> or 19840 entries done
> or 56832 entries done
> Each time I run it in sequence the next one gets a farther in the process.
Well, that is just a progress counter, and not updated after each entry.

> When I run the script mulitple times it will actually run properly and commit changes
> I added the debug flag once and this is the final output.
> 10:09:55.002 url__find_by_intnum[url.c:304] url with intnum 1 is
> svn://xxx.yyy.zzz/cust/cust_svn
> 10:09:55.002 waa__input_tree[waa.c:1679] curr=0xb6fbbb11, end=0xb7171787, count=15251
> 10:09:55.002 waa__input_tree[waa.c:1700] about to parse 0xb6fbbb11 = '0100600 4b80581d
> 4b80581d 0 nd f8945efc6...'
> Is there a way I could check this or prevent this?
Hmmm, that sounds like some not-directly-FSVS related problem to me.

Does a "find / > /dev/null" run through, or does that hang, too?
Does it complete (in the first run) if you just let it sit for a while?
Do you have any messages in dmesg about disk read errors, IDE bus resets, or something
like that? Is that a NFS mount?

TBH my current thoughts are that some operation takes some (long) time.
By restarting you just get more entries cached than in the previous run ...

For ~80k entries I'd expect the memory usage of FSVS to be about 16M (+ constant space)
- but the machine should have more than that, right? (Just to see whether swapping could
be a problem.)



Versioning your /etc, /home or even your whole installation?
             Try fsvs (fsvs.tigris.org)!

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