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FSVS and git

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2011-01-12 00:35:05 PST
Message Hello everybody,

I've spent some time lately thinking about rewriting FSVS to use git as

I'd like to present some of my musings, and ask for ideas and feedback.

 + git does the deduplication automatically, so sharing of repositories
   across multiple servers make more sense.
 + git can remove commits ("rebase", and cleanup the associated file data
   ("svn obliterate" is still not finished AFAIK)
 + "rebase" means that history can be pretty-fied (cut a "dist-upgrade"
   into various pieces)
 - git cannot checkout partial repositories; so if something has to be
   checked without using FSVS (as it's possible now via svn), the whole
   tree has to be checked out.
   That could be mitigated by using multiple HEADs - one for /usr, one
   for /etc, one for the rest of /, etc.
 * FSVS on subversion has low local data storage needs; I'd do something
   similar for git (no whole repository needed locally)
 * Meta-Data would be referenced by git-notes; that means that users could
   mess around with them (like with svn properties).
   I'm not entirely sure how to proceed on users doing "commit --amend" or

Things that make me a bit cautious:
 * git isn't build for large files - see eg.
 * While FSVS wouldn't store whole files in memory, "git" itself might try -
   and that wouldn't work for big files.
 * Filesize is hard limited by 32bit - see struct cache_entry and

These problems could be mitigated - I'm thinking of allowing to overlay
different repository types, so the big files could be moved into a svn-

Ideas, wishes, feedback?



Versioning your /etc, /home or even your whole installation?
             Try fsvs (fsvs.tigris.org)!

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