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Re: FSVS and git

Author Peter Rabbitson <rabbit+list at rabbit dot us>
Full name Peter Rabbitson <rabbit+list at rabbit dot us>
Date 2011-01-12 07:34:17 PST
Message P.Marek wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I've spent some time lately thinking about rewriting FSVS to use git as
> backend.
> I'd like to present some of my musings, and ask for ideas and feedback.
> + git does the deduplication automatically, so sharing of repositories
> across multiple servers make more sense.
> + git can remove commits ("rebase", and cleanup the associated file data
> ("svn obliterate" is still not finished AFAIK)
> + "rebase" means that history can be pretty-fied (cut a "dist-upgrade"
> into various pieces)
> - git cannot checkout partial repositories; so if something has to be
> checked without using FSVS (as it's possible now via svn), the whole
> tree has to be checked out.
> That could be mitigated by using multiple HEADs - one for /usr, one
> for /etc, one for the rest of /, etc.
> * FSVS on subversion has low local data storage needs; I'd do something
> similar for git (no whole repository needed locally)
> * Meta-Data would be referenced by git-notes; that means that users could
> mess around with them (like with svn properties).
> I'm not entirely sure how to proceed on users doing "commit --amend" or
> "rebase".
> Things that make me a bit cautious:
> * git isn't build for large files - see eg.
> http://stackoverflow​.com/questions/98470​7/what-are-the-git-l​imits
> * While FSVS wouldn't store whole files in memory, "git" itself might try -
> and that wouldn't work for big files.
> * Filesize is hard limited by 32bit - see struct cache_entry and
> http://lwn.net/Articles/382295/
> These problems could be mitigated - I'm thinking of allowing to overlay
> different repository types, so the big files could be moved into a svn-
> repository.

Have you seen https://github.com/a​penwarr/bup/#readme

Here's me trying to push its limits:

I am not using it for fsvs-related stuff, as it does not yet do
file metadata, but that's on the way:


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