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fsvs-1.1.15 - install errors

Author Thomas Harold <tgh at tgharold dot com>
Full name Thomas Harold <tgh at tgharold dot com>
Date 2008-05-16 09:53:01 PDT
Message 1) If I haven't created the /etc/fsvs folder, the following command fails

# fsvs -v url file:///var/svn/sys-​san-bkp1-cfg

An error occurred at 12:47:30.669: No such file or directory (2)
   in url__output_list
   in url__work
   in main: action urls failed

1b) I didn't test to see what happened when I forget to create
/var/spool/fsvs (according to the README). I had already created the
folder based on the instructions in the README.

2) The README file says to "cd src" prior to running make. This is
incorrect, because the makefile has been moved to the root of the fsvs
extracted folder. The correct series of steps (at the moment is):

(go to the extracted folder contents)
cp src/fsvs /usr/local/bin/

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fsvs-1.1.15 - install errors Thomas Harold <tgh at tgharold dot com> Thomas Harold <tgh at tgharold dot com> 2008-05-16 09:53:01 PDT
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