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[ANNOUNCE] FSVS 1.1.16 released, and [Alert]

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2008-06-18 08:22:08 PDT
Message Hello everybody,

here's a fresh release.

Important: if you're versioning your /etc/ *and* you're using the DynDNS
registration client, please change your password; the filtering script used
for ddclient.conf was wrong, and so your password might be stored in your

It's been about 3 months since the last feature release; it took a bit
longer because I changed some internal conventions and shoved code around.

The major changes since 1.1.15 are:
- Handling of FSVS_WAA and FSVS_CONF now via the normal option handling, to
  reduce code size. Now it's possible to use "-oconf=..." on the command line, too.
  (But it's not possible to override the paths from the config file.)
- Bugfix for error after commit, when $EDITOR returned an 0 byte file as
  commit message.
- "fsvs diff" changed to recursive behavior, as "svn" does.
- Fixed "fsvs diff -rX" to print only changed entries, not the whole list.
- "fsvs diff -rX:Y" reimplemented, too; performance could get optimized.
- Rewrote entry fetching from the repository. Previously a file with bad
  mode (like 0111) couldn't get diffed.
- "update -rX" and "diff -rX" (but not "diff -rX:Y") now use the per-url
  override syntax (see "-u").
- New option to set maximum number of revisions on "fsvs log".
- Fixed diff for symlinks and devices.
- New option "stop_change" for use in scripts.
- New option "author" for commit (but that doesn't work for svn+ssh://)
- Changed from "merge" to "diff3" as merge program; seems to be more common.
- Committed the distclean patch from Sheldon Hearn.
- "make install" implemented.
For the full list please see

There are some known issues, too:
- Multi-URL code has been found to be not perfect - removing a (common)
  directory removes files from all URLs.
- "fsvs sync" now tries to fetch all file sizes and entry types from the
  repository, too. For that we have to do a recursive listing, and fetch special
  entries; encoded files with only a few kB are looked at, too. Needs more time
  and bandwidth.
- "fsvs revert -rX" still doesn't work if types of entries would get
  changed (dir -> file, symlink -> device, etc.) - that's next on the list. For
  this release "diff" was done, and I hope it works better.

So there's still some work left; stay tuned :-)

Please fetch the sources from http://freshmeat.net​/projects/fsvs/, or ask your
distributions for packages - at least for debian and fedora you should be fine.

If there are any questions, problems or suchlike, don't hesitate to ask on the mailing



Versioning your /etc, /home or even your whole installation?
             Try fsvs (fsvs.tigris.org)!

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