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Re: questions about "unversion" and "ignore"

Author mmm4m5m
Full name Mmm Mmm
Date 2008-07-23 14:21:49 PDT
Message Hi Philipp,

Thank you for quick answers.

Shortly my case is: linux PC and a linux beginner who think it is Pandora box (OS) :). I am not sure how many people use FSVS (IRC #fsvs is empty) but FSVS looks very nice to me. I think FSVS will help me to monitor and learn my system closely. I could be wrong, but check two examples:

1) using GUI to change single parameter of my graphic card or my monitor could recreate config file(s) (xorg.conf) with much more changes. Even sometimes display could be blank/black (on next reboot). With FSVS, very quickly I can find all changed files/parameters and search for more specific help (I can't learn linux in one day)

2) in case of virus/hack in my system, I expect some essential changes like file(s) permissions, file(s) owner, etc. FSVS will give me easy way to watch everything outside my home directory until I learn a better way. Is it a good reason to backup everything? (To be able to check for changed meta data)

> You can't (at least ATM); please search for "svn
> obliterate" for more details.
> A short search found me
> http://svnbook.red-b​ean.com/en/1.0/svn-b​ook.html#ftn.id25196​06
> Well, I think your best bet would be to do the daily
> commits in a special path
> in the repository; keep "interesting" things as a
> copy in another path, and
> try to filter that daily path out each month.

Then I could use two different repositories (disk space is cheap). After monthly backup I could delete and recreate daily backups repository.

> Do you really work as root often? That's not
> recommended in unix; I'd suggest
> using "sudo" or "su", when the need
> arises.

Sorry, I just duplicate all ignore filters for home and for root.
No, I do not login as root, sometimes I run nautilus (file manager) as root ('sudo nautilus' and deleted files goes to root trash directory). All admin GUI tools save config files in root folder. (In my case, to run mozilla as root could be only because of mistake).

> > I do not like global ignore filters like: ./**~
> Why don't you want to use the global ignore patterns?

Ok, it was wrong. Anyway, Looks like I have to change ignore filters.
1) For daily backups I do not need ignore filters.
2) For monthly backups I will ignore as much as possible (if it is safe and depends of my knowledge)
3) I want to monitor and analyze FSVS status - for this I need more info, so I need less (or without) ignore filters. Following actions take place here:
- uninstall temp software, delete config files (after uninstall)
- check my efforts/changes (mostly '~' files) - if ok, then commit separately; if not ok, then revert (usually when changes are completed, files will be commited, usually it will be before regular backup)
- check "installed updates" changes
- check for suspicious changes - as I told (as I understand) - everything outside my home folder, changed permissions/owner

> I'd ignore it - that's safer, because you can't forget to empty it.

I suppose, you mean: "...because you _can_/_could_ forget to empty it"

> I don't know what you're after...

Example for another use case is replacement for "hardware profiles" (Available in windows. I did not try yet but I want to have linux installed on USB hdd and use it with different hardware. Any other ideas?).

Maybe it is not best way for "hardware profiles", but with FSVS I could change many settings very quickly without simple/complex scripts which I could write and then forgot what was it about. (It is about hardware profile or any kind of profiles).

> But the possible problem of inflating the repository...

Previous backup program I used was rdiff-backup with the same idea - diff, status, etc. - backup solution with "version control" features, without '.svn' folders everywhere.

Right now I have my old backups in svn repository. As I notice, there are some files in /var/cache/apt/archives/. So, I have motivation to try to shrink my repository (dump, etc). Let me see how much time it will takes.

One question: I am trying FSVS/SVN reports. I have initial revision #1. Then I have few more revisions. How to get report about:
- modified/new/deleted/replaced files in revision #2
- files with changed properties/permissio​ns/owner/time in revision #2

FSVS status with '-v' print nice report but does not accept '-r' argument:
   .t..C. 4554 var/lib/apt/extended_states
FSVS log does not show flags modified/new/deleted/replaced, so I am using svn log:
   M /trunk/base/var/lib/apt

"...There is an option controlling the output format; see "fsvs log" output format..."
Where can I read more about "log output format"?
Can I get FSVS log report similar to FSVS status report?

And some notes, maybe bugs

1) FSVS diff print both - content changes and properties/permissio​n/owner/time. SVN diff accept '--diff-cmd' argument. With '--diff-cmd' I could skip content (binary files)

2) As I see, I can't revert only properties/permissio​ns/owner/time

3) I get some error with prop-list:
$ sudo fsvs prop-list ./etc/adjtime
etc/adjtime has no properties.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

4.1) FSVS diff -v result:
$ sudo fsvs diff -v ./etc/adjtime
diff -u ./etc/adjtime.r33 ./etc/adjtime.local
-Mode: 0600
+Mode: 0644
-MTime: Sun Feb 10 20:12:36 2008
+MTime: Fri Feb 15 23:40:07 2008
Owner: 0 (root)
Group: 0 (root)
--- ./etc/adjtime Rev. 33 (Sun Feb 10 20:12:36 2008)
+++ ./etc/adjtime Local version (Fri Feb 15 23:40:07 2008)
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
--0.000374 1202667155 0.000000
+0.862144 1203111606 0.000000

4.2) SVN proplist -v result:
$ sudo svn proplist -v -r head file://localhost/med​ia/sda6/backup/fsvs/​trunk/base/etc/adjti​me
Properties on 'file://localhost/me​dia/sda6/backup/fsvs​/trunk/base/etc/adjt​ime':
  svn:text-time : 2008-02-10T18:12:36.000000Z
  svn:unix-mode : 0644
  svn:owner : 0 root
  svn:group : 0 root

Check 'svn:unix-more' values. FSVS show repository value 0600, local value 0644. But SVN show repository value 0644.

Kind regards,

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