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Re: questions about "unversion" and "ignore"

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2008-07-26 05:36:13 PDT
Message On Wednesday 23 July 2008 MMM MMM wrote:
> Hi Philipp,
> Thank you for quick answers.
> Shortly my case is: linux PC and a linux beginner who think it is Pandora
> box (OS) :). I am not sure how many people use FSVS (IRC #fsvs is empty)
> but FSVS looks very nice to me. I think FSVS will help me to monitor and
> learn my system closely. I could be wrong, but check two examples:
> 1) using GUI to change single parameter of my graphic card or my monitor
> could recreate config file(s) (xorg.conf) with much more changes. Even
> sometimes display could be blank/black (on next reboot). With FSVS, very
> quickly I can find all changed files/parameters and search for more
> specific help (I can't learn linux in one day)
> 2) in case of virus/hack in my system, I expect some essential changes like
> file(s) permissions, file(s) owner, etc. FSVS will give me easy way to
> watch everything outside my home directory until I learn a better way. Is
> it a good reason to backup everything? (To be able to check for changed
> meta data)
Yes, these are the things that FSVS was written for.

> > You can't (at least ATM); please search for "svn
> > obliterate" for more details.
> > A short search found me
> >
> > http://svnbook.red-b​ean.com/en/1.0/svn-b​ook.html#ftn.id25196​06
> >
> > Well, I think your best bet would be to do the daily
> > commits in a special path
> > in the repository; keep "interesting" things as a
> > copy in another path, and
> > try to filter that daily path out each month.
> Then I could use two different repositories (disk space is cheap). After
> monthly backup I could delete and recreate daily backups repository.
That's possible, too.
You would have to use a different FSVS_WAA and FSVS_CONF for the two, so they
can work independently.

> > > I do not like global ignore filters like: ./**~
> >
> > Why don't you want to use the global ignore patterns?
> Ok, it was wrong. Anyway, Looks like I have to change ignore filters.
> 1) For daily backups I do not need ignore filters.

> 2) For monthly backups I will ignore as much as possible (if it is safe and
> depends of my knowledge)

> 3) I want to monitor and analyze FSVS status - for
> this I need more info, so I need less (or without) ignore filters.
> Following actions take place here:
> - uninstall temp software, delete config files (after uninstall)
> - check my efforts/changes (mostly '~' files)
> - if ok, then commit separately; if not ok, then revert (usually
> when changes are completed, files will be commited, usually it
> will be before regular backup)
> - check "installed updates" changes
> - check for suspicious changes - as I told (as I understand) - everything
> outside my home folder, changed permissions/owner
How about doing that with the daily repository? If you find that some change
is important, you could easily commit that single file to the monthly
repository, too.

> > I'd ignore it - that's safer, because you can't forget to empty it.
> I suppose, you mean: "...because you _can_/_could_ forget to empty it"
Yes, I meant "Use ignore patterns - then it doesn't matter whether you empty
it or not".

> > I don't know what you're after...
> Example for another use case is replacement for "hardware profiles"
> (Available in windows. I did not try yet but I want to have linux installed
> on USB hdd and use it with different hardware. Any other ideas?).
Full hardware independence is not that easy.
Windows doesn't do it - it uses different HALs for different machines.

But you can easily put a knoppix CD on a harddisk, and (depending on the BIOS)
boot it from there - knoppix already does a *whole lot* of hardware

> Maybe it is not best way for "hardware profiles", but with FSVS I could
> change many settings very quickly without simple/complex scripts which I
> could write and then forgot what was it about. (It is about hardware
> profile or any kind of profiles).
Yes, that's true. Use a generic hardware-independent path in your repository
as common base (eg. for /etc/profile), and then different (overlayed) paths
for the hardware-dependent things (like xorg.conf).

> One question: I am trying FSVS/SVN reports. I have initial revision #1.
> Then I have few more revisions. How to get report about: -
> modified/new/deleted/replaced files in revision #2
> - files with changed properties/permissio​ns/owner/time in revision #2
> FSVS status with '-v' print nice report but does not accept '-r' argument:
> .t..C. 4554 var/lib/apt/extended_states
> FSVS log does not show flags modified/new/deleted/replaced, so I am using
> svn log: M /trunk/base/var/lib/apt
That's one way.

Another would be to try "fsvs remote-status -rX" - that gives you the changes
between your current version and the given remote version.

I think I'll expand that to use two revision parameters, too.

> "...There is an option controlling the output format; see "fsvs log" output
> format..." Where can I read more about "log output format"?

> Can I get FSVS log report similar to FSVS status report?
Not quite, not yet.

> And some notes, maybe bugs
> 1) FSVS diff print both - content changes and
> properties/permissio​n/owner/time. SVN diff accept '--diff-cmd' argument.
> With '--diff-cmd' I could skip content (binary files)

> 2) As I see, I can't revert only properties/permissio​ns/owner/time
No, not yet.

> 3) I get some error with prop-list:
> $ sudo fsvs prop-list ./etc/adjtime
> etc/adjtime has no properties.
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
Could you run this command, with "-d" appended, and (privately) send me the
I can't reproduce that.

> 4.1) FSVS diff -v result:
> $ sudo fsvs diff -v ./etc/adjtime
> diff -u ./etc/adjtime.r33 ./etc/adjtime.local
> -Mode: 0600
> +Mode: 0644
> -MTime: Sun Feb 10 20:12:36 2008
> +MTime: Fri Feb 15 23:40:07 2008
> Owner: 0 (root)
> Group: 0 (root)
> --- ./etc/adjtime Rev. 33 (Sun Feb 10 20:12:36 2008)
> +++ ./etc/adjtime Local version (Fri Feb 15 23:40:07 2008)
> @@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
> --0.000374 1202667155 0.000000
> -1202667155
> +0.862144 1203111606 0.000000
> +1203111606
> 4.2) SVN proplist -v result:
> $ sudo svn proplist -v -r head
> file://localhost/med​ia/sda6/backup/fsvs/​trunk/base/etc/adjti​me Properties
> on 'file://localhost/me​dia/sda6/backup/fsvs​/trunk/base/etc/adjt​ime':
> svn:text-time : 2008-02-10T18:12:36.000000Z
> svn:unix-mode : 0644
> svn:owner : 0 root
> svn:group : 0 root
> Check 'svn:unix-more' values. FSVS show repository value 0600, local value
> 0644. But SVN show repository value 0644.
Hmmm ... that seems to work for me.
Could you show me the "fsvs info /etc/adjtime" output, please?
And maybe "fsvs diff -v -d /etc/adjtime", too.
Thank you!



Versioning your /etc, /home or even your whole installation?
             Try fsvs (fsvs.tigris.org)!

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