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Re: "... undefined symbol: gdbm_errno (II)"

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2006-03-07 04:01:57 PST
Message > > Why don't you use fsvs 1.0.4? Not that I'd recomment it, on the 13th
> > there'll be 1.0.5 released ... :-)
> I just didn't know about it! I just checked and the newest version I can
> see at
> http://fsvs.tigris.o​rg/servlets/ProjectD​ocumentList?folderID​=5759&expandFol
>der=5759&folderID=5759 is still 1.0.3, from 3rd january. (That's not old at
> all, so I didn't suspect a newer version somewhere else :-)) Is there a
> better place to look for new versions?
No, that's the right place.
You're right, I seem to have forgotten to do a 1.0.4 ... strange, I could have
sworn that I did one.

> I think I will continue first tests (compile, install, try some things*)
> and then switch to 1.0.5 when it's available and before I go to all-day
> use.
> *: One test will be: What happens when a file type changes (file->dir,
> file->symlink, file->device-node and vice versa, permutated)? Mean, isn't
> it? I already know that this a rather weak point of rsync and other backup
> tools... Either they cannot deal with these situations at all or some
> unwanted things happen...
> So I'm hoping the best while I'm prepared for the not-better-than-others
> ;-)
There's a test-case specially for all permutations:

> As a short note, I got to go now and will try to find some time for trying
> your hints tomorrow. Then I'll answer your first answer, I promise.
Take your time. No need to hurry.



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