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Re: Windows Binaries?

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2007-05-25 10:24:37 PDT
Message On Freitag, 25. Mai 2007 Eric Nicholson wrote:
> Yeah, I'd probably just store the data on a Linux server since it's some
> binary files needed by our build system that I'm versioning. I really just
> need some way for Subversion to keep file modification dates rather than
> check-in dates. But I read your thread on the SVN list where they
> basically said you were alone in the desert and no one wanted your patch...
> Thanks SVN guys.
Maybe it's sufficient to patch your current subversion client with my patches
and re-compile that in windows?
But tortoise and other wouldn't do that ... so you'd have to use a commandline
program anyway.

> In terms of environment, I'd be running on either XP Pro or Server 2003. I
> hadn't really looked at the compilation options yet. I'd probably lean
> towards VC8/VC2005 just because I have it installed, but mingw or cygwin
> might be more appropriate if FSVS is leaning on Unix APIs. I don't think
> cygwin will produce native windows binaries, but it's possible that the
> make file & compiles will run more or less unmodified.
Yes, but I believe you'd need a *complete* cygwin install of subversion - apr,
subversion, and all dependencies (like neon and whatever else) ... doesn't
sound so easy.

mingw could work with the native subversion libraries. That's my best bet.



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