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Re: Cross Sync Problem.

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2008-01-11 10:36:41 PST
Message Hello KC!

On Friday 11 January 2008 KC Laxton wrote:
> I have two SVN archives in two different facilities.
> [me@machine1]$ fsvs urls dump
> N:local,P:100,file:/​//pub/svn/repository​
> N:remote,P:200,svn+s​sh://localhost/pub/s​vn/repository
> Now, the two machines will be MOSTLY the same information. Machine 1 will
> be the primary, with machine 2 being the source of two directories worth of
> information.
> It's my understanding that I should be able to run fsvs sync-repos and then
> commit, which should sync my repositories.
I'm not sure that we both have the same understanding of "sync-repos".

"fsvs sync-repos" makes fsvs ask all configured repositories for the current
filelist; it doesn't synchronize repositories.

Multi-URL operation might be a solution to your wish above - that only some
(small) subset of data is different.
For that you'd need a central repository (which hosts the *shared* data), and
another one (or some subdirectory) per machine, which holds the specific

> So long as I don't overlap
> areas being changed, I should be able to commit and have two repositories
> that are fully in sync.
fsvs doesn't do anything between *two* repositories - you'd need svnmirror or
svk for that.

> My problem is that a commit after the fsvs sync-repos does not attempt to
> update machine2. I get this:
> [me@machine1]$ fsvs sync-repos
> [Lots of file information]
> sync-repos for file:///pub/svn/repository rev 1.
> f..C. dir .
> sync-repos for svn+ssh://localhost/​pub/svn/repository rev 8.
> [me@machine1]$ fsvs commit -o commit_to=remote -m "Testing"
> Committing to svn+ssh://localhost/​pub/svn/repository
> committed revision 9 on 2008-01-11T17:50:28.600098Z as me
> But when I log into machine2:
> [me@machine2~]$ svnlook tree /pub/svn/repository/
> /
> I see nothing.
"commit" sends information to the selected (option commit_to) repository.
To get the information back, you'd use "update" (or "checkout" in the first

I hope I could make myself a bit clearer ... if that doesn't help you (because
it's more or less the same language as in the manual pages and HOWTOs, and so
might not be helpful) just ask again - then I'll try to explain in another
way, to get us a common base.



Versioning your /etc, /home or even your whole installation?
             Try fsvs (fsvs.tigris.org)!

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