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next version coming soon

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2005-10-04 03:37:46 PDT
Message Hello, people! [are there any?]

I've found a bug which was corrupting the stored list of files. Basically
the struct stat64 was overwritten when a directory with many changes was

The easy solution is to start the repository afresh.

The other solution is to wait until I've written the
"get-state-from-repository" part (don't even have a good name for it yet -
maybe "fetch-status"?) and use that.

The good news is that as soon as I finish the abort_edit() issue (abort
commit on failure) I'll do a 1.0.1. Can be only a few days, I think.

BTW, I'd like to have some feedback on this list, or even better on dev@ -
ain't there noone who'd like to help with some easy things?


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