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FSVS is still not dead

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2005-12-13 23:06:21 PST
Message Hello everybody.

No, the project is alive, and limping forward; mostly because of lack of
The current status as of rev. versus 1.0.2 is:

- New test system. This brings much higher quality, as basic functions are
  always tested.
  There's even a comparision between the check-in and the check-out data;
  differences are told.

What still needs to be done for 1.0.3 is a change in the update handling.
The problem is currently:
- A special file (device or symlink) cannot be updated.
  This is an easy fix and will be done soon.
- A normal, but locally changed file cannot be updated, because there's no
  original full-text available. I'm thinking about that, and need to
  decide between the easy, slow version and an advanced, fast, but more
  complex variant.

(developers still needed :-)

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