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Re: FreeBSD issues documentation.

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2007-03-07 11:28:00 PST
Message Hello Akis!

Sorry to bother you, - do you have a chance to send your mails as text-only,

On Wednesday 07 March 2007 16:39 akis dot kapo at t-online dot de wrote:
> <font style="font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;" size="2">Hello
> FSVS devs&amp;users,<br /><br />for a long time Ive been using svn for
I had a tester for OpenBSD, which gave me feedback about issues on his

It's been some time since I last heard from him - that could mean that it
simply works for him, or that he's abandoned this project.

Since fsvs works on CentOS and MacOS, it should work on FreeBSD too. I simply
don't have it listed because I don't know it for certain.

If you're willing to lend me a hand (*if* issues pop up), I'll gladly help you
getting fsvs compatible - and extend the documentation.

I believe that fsvs is a bit better listed on freshmeat and sf - there I chose
some OSes where I think it works (because I [at least] had tester).



Versioning your /etc, /home or even your whole installation?
             Try fsvs (fsvs.tigris.org)!

FreeBSD issues documentation.

Author "akis dot kapo at t-online dot de" <akis dot kapo at t-online dot de>
Full name "akis dot kapo at t-online dot de" <akis dot kapo at t-online dot de>
Date 2007-03-07 07:39:03 PST
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