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fsvs random hangs

Author cobolt
Full name steve caster
Date 2010-03-08 06:05:46 PST
Message Hi all
I am checking in data into svn (what a surprise). The repository has over 80.000 entries in it at this moment. I use regural svn:\\\ to check in, not svn+ssh. One machine sit local, the other sits in a Datacenter.
I use an expect script to input the username and password and have put that in cron.
Now here is the issues: At random it stops at
 e.g. 17600 entries done
or 19840 entries done
or 56832 entries done
Each time I run it in sequence the next one gets a farther in the process.
When I run the script mulitple times it will actually run properly and commit changes
I added the debug flag once and this is the final output.
10:09:55.002 url__find_by_intnum[url.c:304] url with intnum 1 is svn://xxx.yyy.zzz/cust/cust_svn
10:09:55.002 waa__input_tree[waa.c:1679] curr=0xb6fbbb11, end=0xb7171787, count=15251
10:09:55.002 waa__input_tree[waa.c:1700] about to parse 0xb6fbbb11 = '0100600 4b80581d 4b80581d 0 nd f8945efc6...'
Is there a way I could check this or prevent this?
best regards

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