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Re: FSVS 1.0.3 released

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2006-01-15 09:18:30 PST
Message Am Sunday 15 January 2006 05:28 schrieb Blair Zajac:
> Thanks for the announcement, this is the first announcement I've seen,
> since I don't read the svn users list too often. You may want to post the
> announcements to the dev list also.
I'm not sure if these would be welcome there.
But I'll consider that for the next release.

> The goals of the project look pretty good and I could see this being of use
> in a large installation, managing a common set of /usr, /var, /etc.
Correct, that's its main target - large installations.

> Have you heard of a the rdiff-backup project? You may want to check it out
> if you haven't, it's goals are similar to yours.
I'll have a look. But quickly reading I don't see something like a versioned

> http://www.nongnu.or​g/rdiff-backup/
> Some of the advantages that rdiff-backup has is that it does only a single
> pass over the data to be backed up, unlike rsync, and it also handles Mac
> OS X resource forks.
Well, fsvs does a complete filesystem lookup (opendir/readdir/lstat,
optionally reading files to determine whether they have changed), and one
pass for committing the files.

> I think the one problem with a Subversion backend is that you can never
> remove older data. In a filesystem based backup, you can trim older
> backups, say from daily, to monthly after the data ages to 6 months.
"svn obliterate" - svn issue 516, see

Thank you for your answer.



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