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ignore list questions

Author tekknokra
Full name Gunnar Thielebein
Date 2010-08-07 10:05:56 PDT
Message Hi Phil,

I marked some issues down with using ignore list. Could be some minor
inconsistencies but perhaps you can shed some light on that.

I created this ignore pattern as a default one with the debian package:

> ignore,m:004:000
> ignore,/**.gz
> ignore,/**.bz2
> ignore,/**.zip
> ignore,/**.rar
> take,/etc/fsvs/config
> take,/etc/fsvs/svn/
> ignore,/etc/fsvs/**
> ignore,/etc/resolv.conf
> ignore,/etc/mtab
> ignore,/etc/adjtime
> take,/etc/
> ignore,/**

1. When I now change the ordering a bit with putting the take rule on
top, the ignore matches beyond are not used.

When I use take beyond ignore:

> ignore,/**
> take,/etc/
only . is fetched.
> .mC. dir .

Is this by intention? My suggestion, if the mentioned cases could not
handled more easily, would be to have a strict priority of the ignore
type either "take before ignore" or "ignore before take".
This is IMO easier to explain to endusers then having always an eye on
the order of rules.

2. If you use

> ignore,/
> ignore,/**

You will get an message:

> Pattern "ignore,/" too short!
Using something like
> take,/etc/fsvs/svn/
is otherwise accepted.

3. The ignore list we use is always according static to / (root).
 From my understanding that means if I use the above ignore list all
other directories are excluded. But the issue also mentioned in
still happens that users checkin in their home, although it is excluded.
I dropped the idea of using a default path (mentioned in linked post)
and prefer that nothing should happen in case the user is in a excluded
directory or not using the path in commandline. Would that be ok with you?


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