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[ANNOUNCE] fsvs 1.0.6 released

Author pmarek
Full name P.Marek
Date 2006-04-26 23:52:36 PDT
Message Hello everybody,

FSVS 1.0.7 is released.

----- Excerpt from http://fsvs.tigris.org

FSVS stands for “Fast System VerSioning”, “File System
VerSioning” or
“Full System VerSioning”. It aims to become a complete
backup/restore tool
for all files in a directory tree or whole filesystems, with a subversion
repository as the backend.
You may think of it as some kind of tar or rsync with versioned storage.

----- Excerpt ends

I'm glad to bring you a new release; this one took a lot of work for the
"fsvs add"/"fsvs unversion" commands. Some small bugs fixed, a few

Changes since 1.0.5 - user-visible:
- The format for the wc-storage area has changed again (column md5_is
  is gone, flags has been added). Sorry.
  Run "fsvs sync-repos" and all should be well.
- Bugfixes in sync-repos
- "fsvs ignore" can now dump/load/change it's ignore pattern list.
- A progress indicator for commit and update (when the working copy is
  silently checked)
- "fsvs unversion" to remove entries from the remote repository.
  See USAGE for details.
- "fsvs add" to add otherwise ignored entries.
  See USAGE for details.

Relevant for Developers:
- Rework of the init/uninit-system. Now much cleaner.
- "configure --enable-debug" for some runtime checks.
- if valgrind.h is found, memory is marked as not initialized
- parameters -S and -B have been removed.
  "fsvs _build-new-list" is now available.

Please mind that this version still depends on an utf8-locale; if you're
using filenames with non-ASCII-characters and *don't* use utf8 for
encoding, you'll get errors on commit.
This will be fixed in the next version, which will be released as soon as
the utf8-coding is done. ETA is in May.

I hope that this release fulfills more of the needs I got explained to me;
I'm looking forward to your comments, ideas and other feedback.



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[ANNOUNCE] fsvs 1.0.6 released pmarek P.Marek 2006-04-26 23:52:36 PDT
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