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fsvs 1.2.1 backport

Author tekknokra
Full name Gunnar Thielebein
Date 2009-11-04 04:16:11 PST
Message Hi,

I am just trying to backport fsvs to ubuntu/hardy which only ships subversion

I get an error message on build:

> Link fsvs
> log.o: In function `log__work':
> /tmp/buildd/fsvs-1.2​.1/src/log.c:364: undefined reference to `svn_ra_get_repos_root2'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Question, is there an easy fix to get fsvs working with that particular version?
Other option would be to enable the ubuntu-backports repos which comes with
subversion >1.5 but I would like to avoid that.


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fsvs 1.2.1 backport tekknokra Gunnar Thielebein 2009-11-04 04:16:11 PST
     Re: fsvs 1.2.1 backport pmarek P.Marek 2009-12-30 02:31:42 PST
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