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Re: [ANNOUNCE] FSVS 1.2.1 released

Author tekknokra
Full name Gunnar Thielebein
Date 2009-11-04 01:47:33 PST
Message Hi Phil,

Philipp Marek wrote:
> Hello Gunnar!
>> thanks for this new release. I am just evaluating the upgrade path from 1.1.16
>> to 1.2.1. Some questions about the handling:
>> On playing with the examples of grouping patterns i noticed a small typo:
>> http://doc.fsvs-soft​ware.org/doxygen-gif​/index.html
> Yes, thank you. I'll fix that.
>> Fix is to put a trailing comma after each modifier. Seems this gets default now.
> There's a conversion script for the ignore/grouping patterns; you don't have to do that
> by hand.
>> Regarding introduction of groups and modifiers. Is it now possible to explicitly
>> discard check of the mtime of directories? I use fsvs in a cron job for
>> monitoring and I get notifications when someone with owner privileges open files
>> within directories, because this causes an update of directories mtime timestamp.

> Well, the open itself shouldn't modify the mtime of the directory ... but the creation
> of a temporary file will.

Ah, so this happens when I use vim and a swapfile is created. I missed that fact.

> You could try using the filter option "text,owner,mode,gro​up,new,deleted" ... that's
> simply everything but mtime.
> You won't see files with *only* mtime changed, too - but that might be ok, as they
> should be given as soon as the data changes.

So ignoring mtime globally is my only option, at least I know its possible. Do
you think this can become a match pattern so that it can be used together with
"dironly" in a global scope affecting all dirs?

>> Regarding the last example:
>>> m:04:0
>>> t,./etc/
>>> ./**
>> Do I get the same behaviour with this?:
>>> t,m:004:004,./etc/
>>> ./**
>>From a quick look, yes. But I didn't test.
>> I like the idea to keep the old WAA file hierarchy for now and leave the new for
>> advanced users with the configure option.
>> Regarding the transition of files to sqlite do you plan to also integrate the
>> _base symlinks?
> Maybe ...
> The symlinks are there just for informational purposes, and so they might stay.
> If there's only a sqlite database, it's not that easy to see which working copy this is.
> Maybe I should put a "README" or something like that in there? But that's not so easily
> used by scripts ...

Just asking because we had problems with the _base symlink when debian packages
take use of the "find" command. This still happens with "base-files" causing an
endless loop.
>> I get a segfault with "fsvs unversion", bugreport is on its way...
> Fine ;-/, please tell me.

This happens when using the "fsvs add" and performing unversion. I have to
figure out the exact scenario.

>> I will then continue now with checking the functionality against ssl secured
>> repository...
> I'll be happy to hear any results!
> Regards,
> Phil


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