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Compiling and installing FSVS

You can find the sources via freshmeat or the download page; but take a look, perhaps your distribution has already pre-packaged fsvs (eg. Debian, or Fedora).

Library and other dependencies

  • subversion (>= 1.4) and
  • apr libraries,
  • PCRE (perl compatible regular expressions) libraries and header files.
    I use debian libpcre3 6.4-1.1, but heard that Red Hat rpms 2.6.something work too.
  • GDBM library and header files.
  • A Unix machine. FSVS gets developed on Linux; I had reports that it works on MacOS, FreeBSD and Solaris too. One user runs FSVS on a Nokia N800!
    Just ask about your platform - I'll try to help you get it run!
  • gcc to compile, and
  • rsync 2.6.7 and perl to run the self-test-scripts.
  • Doxygen if you plan to build the documentation yourself.
  • Developers that want to use the subversion sources need additionally autoconf installed.

Hints for specific operating systems

CentOS5 (and probably RHEL5)

I got this line from a user:
yum install subversion subversion-devel ctags apr \
 apr-devel gcc gdbm gdbm-devel pcre pcre-devel
Furthermore see this thread, which includes a spec file, too.

Alternatively I got this from Yann Boutin:

Here a procedure to install fsvs on Centos 5:
$ yum install subversion subversion-devel ctags apr apr-devel \
apr-util apr-util-devel gdbm gdbm-devel pcre pcre-devel gcc $ cd /usr/src/ $ wget http://fsvs.tigris.org/files/documents/3133/39975/fsvs-1.1.10.tar.bz2 $ tar -jxvf fsvs-1.1.10.tar.bz2 $ cd fsvs-1.1.10
due to a change in apr we have to make a little change (patch)
$ patch -p0 < patch
$ vim +2904 configure
and change "if APR=`apr-config --includedir`" with "if APR=`apr-1-config --includedir`"
$ ./configure
$ make
$ cp fsvs /usr/bin/
$ fsvs -V
FSVS (licensed under the GPLv2), (C) by Ph. Marek; version fsvs-1.1.10:1124

For debian this should suffice:

apt-get install fsvs
If you want to compile the sources yourself, you'll need
apt-get install libsvn-dev libgdbm-dev ctags libaprutil1-dev gcc libpcre3-dev.

Solaris 10

Please see this thread for a successful compilation and some hints.


Move the fsvs binary into a location of your choice (preferably in $PATH), like /usr/local/bin/.

For running FSVS you'll need the configuration directory /etc/fsvs and the working copy administrative area (WAA) directory /var/spool/fsvs; but see here for documentation how to move these.

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